9 OVERVIEW/BACKGROUND (cont.) General description of the firm, including structure (I.e., individual, partnership, corporation, joint venture) Production and Traffic After the ad concept/layout is approved, it’s sent to the production department. Generally, the production and traffic department work with outside vendors to produce the finished materials – securing mechanical specifications and material closing dates for print ads, out-of-home, online and broadcast. The traffic department ensures all departments complete their assigned tasks and approvals in time to make the deadlines. ETA regularly manages the print production schedules, print specifications and internal budgets for our clients. We work with various Long Beach printers as well as regional printers. It’s our policy to request a minimum of 3 printing bids for each job to ensure we’re getting the most competitive pricing. A representative from our creative team attends every press check to ensure the final product adheres to our high quality control standards. ETA has in-house printing capabilities that include a high-end, full-color Xerox printer/copier and an Epson Pro 7900 large-format printer. Account Management The account manager is primarily responsible for establishing and growing the Client/Agency relationship, gaining knowledge about the client’s business, profit goals, marketing problems and advertising objectives. They are responsible for getting approval of media schedules, budgets and rough ads or storyboards. Their next task is to ensure agency personnel produce the advertising to the client’s satisfaction. Our account managers are considered the voice of the client and spend much of their time learning how to merge client preferences with the agency’s creative recommendations. They form campaign schedules and timelines, and control all of the account’s activity, allocating company resources necessary to complete each individual project by the delivery date, and within budget. In addition to budget control, account management is responsible for quality control, the brand’s positioning, client billing, progress monitoring and reporting.