42 COMPREHENSION OF OBJECTIVES Demonstrate your understanding of the Port’s objectives Based on our literature review, conversations with constituents and the background section in the Port’s RFQ, we believe the Port’s objectives include the following: 1. Overall objectives: a. Engage the serves of a professional firm to manage advertising campaigns including the development and execution of comprehensive, effective and long-term advertising programs for: i. Current and potential port customers, and ii. Local and regional community stakeholders 2. Trade objectives are to promote: a. The Port’s efficiency in moving cargo b. The presence of two national railroads c. The huge local market for goods d. One of the nation’s biggest warehouse and distribution networks 3. Community objectives are to promote the Port’s environmental initiatives: a. The Clean Air Action Plan b. Clean Trucks Program – the Port’s Harbor Commission has voted to expand the program by penalizing small Class 7 trucks for dray-offs (i.e., switching cargo from a “clean” to a “dirty” truck within the harbor District) c. The Port’s $425,000 commitment to help develop a hydrogen fuel cell plug-in electric Class 8 truck for harbor drayage and a hydrogen fuel cell zero-emission terminal tractor for marine terminal work Green. It’s how you roll. To further improve air quality, the Port is investing nearly half a million dollars to develop a plug- in electric Class 8 truck and a zero-emission terminal tractor. [ ] 4. Other objectives – promote the Port's contributions to the community a. 30,000 Long Beach jobs b. Community Grants Program contributing $4.7 million to Long Beach schools and youth facilities c. The fact that the Port is self-supporting financially and receives no funding from the city of Long Beach's general fund