17 RÉSUMÉS (cont.) Résumés of project team members to be assigned to this engagement Frank Toobi, Interactive Manager Frank is a highly experienced software applications and tools developer for both the enterprise and Web. As a graduate from the University of California in Computer Science, Frank’s knowledge of application architecture, project management, business analysis and database design has set him above his peers. Fluent in many platforms and programming languages, Frank’s proficiencies include web development and programming, social networking site design and smartphone app development. When not working in cyberspace, Frank’s usually out fishing. Freshwater, saltwater or mountain streams, he likes it all. Dannette Drehsen, Account Planner Dannette has an inherent passion for the understanding of human behavior, which has made her successful in her role in account planning at ETA, a tenure that started soon after the business’ inception. Her observational skills and ability to interpret the nuances involved in her work enrich the strategic research she produces as well as the creative work produced from it. Having been a business owner herself for five years, Dannette quickly learned how to understand and engage customers, and more importantly, how to fine-tune marketing campaigns to adjust to consumers’ desires and needs. Her work has enhanced agency campaigns for clients F&M Bank, Lyon Communities and Brookfield Homes Southland, to name a few. In addition to being ETA’s resident “psychiatrist", she’s also a master of song and dance. Her favorite music – disco.