8 OVERVIEW/BACKGROUND (cont.) General description of the firm, including structure (I.e., individual, partnership, corporation, joint venture) Media The responsibility of the agency’s media department is to develop, negotiate, purchase, monitor and conduct post-buy analyses of media plans that reach the target audiences effectively in a cost-efficient manner. The staff analyzes, selects and contracts for time or space to deliver your message. This is one of the most important decisions since a significantly large part of your budget is spent on media time and/or space. Our media department has in-depth knowledge of a wide range of traditional and non-traditional media vehicles on the local and national level including print, television, radio, online, out-of-home (outdoor, cinema, etc.) and mobile device advertising. We subscribe to sophisticated segmentation and media evaluation tools. Among those used are Nielsen products such as Claritas, in addition to other research providers such as MRI, Polk and ABC (Audit Bureau of Circulations). These are critical resources in the media planning process and help us pinpoint exact media placements (positioning, day-parts, etc.). Once a media plan has been implemented, we monitor the performance through its duration with periodic post-analyses throughout and a final analysis upon completion. This effort entails reviewing publication clippings, call center reports, Google Analytics, network pre- and post-logs and the usage of tools such as Nielsen’s Simmons system to track actual airtimes for direct response television buys.