10 OVERVIEW/BACKGROUND (cont.) General description of the firm, including structure (I.e., individual, partnership, corporation, joint venture) Account Planning (Strategic Planning & Research) As the importance of research has grown, agencies have combined old functions of researchers (who gather information about consumers and markets) and account managers (who keep an overall vision of the client’s interests) into a role called account planning. Account planners combine research and strategic thinking into a holistic strategy. If the account manager is closest to the client, the account planner is closest to the consumer. The account planner is the person on an advertising team who is most likely to have spent time with consumers using the product, or in focus groups asking them about how they think, feel and use the product. Our account planners uncover the critical aspects of the client’s product or serve as they relate to the customer and consider every angle of the market and the competitors. They may hold focus groups or online panels to learn more about how people interact with your products/services and understand how best to communicate with them. True blue. Thanks to the Port’s forward- thinking Clean Trucks Program, air pollution from harbor trucks has been reduced by nearly 80% as of January 1, 2010. ] [