30 EXPERIENCE/EXPERTISE (cont.) A representative description of projects similar in nature completed by your firm Case Study #4 A Demand Generation Story PRODUCT: Community of 380 loft-style condos BUDGET: $500,000 KEY PROBLEM: A stalled economy with high unemployment created nothing but sweeping pessimism for the real estate market. Attracting and converting real estate buyers during this challenging time required huge price discounts, yet the project developer was intent on not resorting to “fire sale” tactics. KEY STRATEGIC INSIGHT: Buyers of real estate respond best when there’s a sense of urgency, a recognized scarcity of available product or both. This campaign, essentially a one-day-only sales event, capitalized on these insightful human truths. CREATIVE STRATEGY: Develop and promote a one- day-sales event called “The Event” with a goal of selling 60 condominium homes. Leverage and promote “limited time” offer and “reduced pricing”. TACTICAL ELEMENTS: Local cable TV, radio, online media, social media, print, direct mail, public relations, microsite, landing pages, affinity group marketing, guerilla/street teams. TARGET AUDIENCE: 1) First-time home buyers, 2) Parents buying for their college children, 3) Investors. RESULTS: During the 6-week marketing campaign:  54 sales contracts singed within 1 week  382% increase in website traffic  308% increase in phone calls  107 event passes distributed  9,960 unique visitors to landing pages  Ultimately, all 60 homes sold