4 Mr. Art Wong Assistant Director of Communications and Community Relations Port of Long Beach 925 Harbor Plaza, 2nd Floor Long Beach, CA 90802 Mr. Art Wong, Thank you for inviting us to participate in the review for your account. All of us here at ETA Advertising are absolutely thrilled and excited at the prospect of doing business with the Port of Long Beach, and especially working with you, Heather Morris and the rest of the POLB team. What follows is our response to your Request for Qualifications. No doubt you’ll notice we’ve spent considerable time developing and packaging our response – it was a labor of love. We’re passionate about what we do and know full well our success is contingent on your success. We work best with clients who are demanding in setting objectives, strategies and performance goals that can be used to evaluate progress. As a part of working together, we also want to agree on the specific definition of any assignment before anything is created. We want you to be absolutely honest with us. Tell us what ideas you like, what you don’t like and why. (Any other way is time consuming, expensive and frustrating.) In return, we promise to work hard to understand your business by learning how prospective customers, as well as current customers, view the Port of Long Beach, your competitors, and the important issues surrounding container port selection. These insights will allow us to develop marketing and advertising programs that connect with customers and prospects – both on a deeper rational and emotional level. And, ultimately drive your business to new heights. Thank you again for the opportunity to serve your strategic marketing and communication needs. Best regards, Cindy Allen President