53 ADDITIONAL SERVICES (if applicable) Describe additional services your firm may provide Although the following additional services are not part of the basic services plan as described by the Port’s RFQ, they are available and would be estimated on a project-by-project basis. They include: Affinity Group Marketing Affinity Group marketing is about forming strategic partnerships for our clients with major organizations in a community. This type of marketing has been extremely successful and has allowed us to cost effectively deliver our clients’ unique messages or offers to a highly targeted and insulated audience. Groups may include fraternal organizations, employee’s at large organizations, social or other populations that have common interests. Database Marketing Database marketing is a form of direct marketing using databases of customers or prospects to generate personalized communications to promote a client’s products or services. By segmenting our clients’ customers according to their lifestyle characteristics, demographics, location, behaviors and values, we can develop highly relevant marketing strategies and tactics that reach each customer segment with greater rational and emotional messages. ETA Advertising uses a variety of database segmentation and testing methodologies such as Claritas, Invoke, A-B testing and Lift Studies. Guerilla Marketing We believe strongly in the effectiveness of experiential marketing. We’ve assembled “street teams” either on foot or on bike to hand out flyers, stickers and other promotional items to people within a target community. ETA has also used such guerilla tactics as placing clever signs and car wraps around a specific area with different messages. Guerilla marketing leverages elements of human emotion, local and immediacy to connect with people in the community. The goal of experiential marketing is to establish a connection in such a way that the community member responds based on their emotional and/or rational reaction to the message.