43 KNOWLEDGE OF LONG BEACH Describe your knowledge of the City of Long Beach We have extensive, first-hand knowledge of the City of Long Beach. First of all, ETA Advertising is a licensed business in Long Beach and half the agency staff lives in Long Beach; the other half spends their days in Long Beach contributing to the economic vitality of local businesses. Cindy Allen, the owner of ETA Advertising, is a Long Beach native and grew up on the Westside of Long Beach; she fully understands the many perceptions and complexities the Port faces within the community. Additionally, Cindy and many staff members attended Long Beach Poly, Long Beach Community College and Cal State Long Beach. In 1988, Cindy joined the Long Beach Police Department and had the privilege of working in the area of the Long Beach Port (and ate lunches with her mom on the Westside.) Cindy and the ETA team are very active in the community and have worked with the citizens of Long Beach, City Government, City Officials, and more than 130 Long Beach businesses over the years in different capacities. Cindy is a regular supporter of many of Long Beach’s events and charities and has a stellar reputation in the Long Beach area. She also serves on the Board of Directors of many Long Beach organizations including Long Beach Chamber of Commerce, Long Beach Community Hospital – Condit, Long Beach Memorial – Partnerships in Excellence, Long Beach Police Foundation, Special Olympics Southern California and the Women’s Business Council. ETA’s local and national affiliations include:  American Association of Advertising Agencies  Long Beach Police Officers Association  American Marketing Association  Long Beach Women’s Business Council  California Building Association  Memorial Hospital of L.B. Partnership in Excellence  Century Club  Rotary Club of Long Beach  Direct Marketing Association  Sales & Marketing Council of Southern California  L.A. Small Business Enterprise  Women’s Business Enterprise  Long Beach Chamber of Commerce  Women’s President Organization  Long Beach International Business Council