21 ACCOUNT HOURS Approximate number of hours the team will devote to the account Below is the estimated percentage of time and equivalent hours ETA Advertising anticipates devoting to the Port of Long Beach account on an annual basis. The chart below reflects the commitment by department and individuals to create, produce, place and track advertising during a 12-month period. Estimated Annual Hours by Discipline Department Function/Person Est. % of Time Est. Total Annual Hours Account Management President, Cindy Allen 10 208 Account Director, Bill Barrick 20 416 Account Manager, Rachel Holiday 35 728 Marketing Assistant, Elise Severson 30 624 Est. Sub Total: 1,976 Account Planning Account Planner, Dannette Drehsen 15 312 Est. Sub Total: 312 Creative, Production & Traffic Creative Director, Shauna Wagoner 10 208 Sr. Art Director, Paul Christensen 30 624 Sr. Copywriter, Bob Satmary 30 624 Production and Traffic, Cassandra Popli 25 520 Graphic Designer, Brian Duenas 5 104 Est. Sub Total: 2,080 Media Media Planning/Buying, Rachel Stocking 25 520 Est. Sub Total: 520 ESTIMATED TOTAL HOURS: 4,888