54 ADDITIONAL SERVICES (if applicable, cont.) Describe additional services your firm may provide Mobile Marketing Also known as the 4th screen (following cinema, TV and PCs), ETA uses mobile marketing in a variety of ways – from text messaging to smartphone applications. Mobile marketing is relatively easy to create and execute with messages being delivered to recipients in a matter of seconds. We found the average SMS response rate is 15% versus 3% for traditional promotional methods such as direct mail. And, the messages can be personalized for individuals who’ve opted-in to receive them. Social Media This unique platform not only enables businesses to connect on a deeper level with consumers, but it triples as an SEO and strategic consumer research tool. This medium can be useful in testing and observing consumer perceptions and ideas about a brand, product or service. If the purpose of a business is to create customers, then Social Media marketing’s purpose is to create emotional connections with customers who act as ambassadors to garner new customers. Form creating business profiles and interacting with customers on platforms like facebook and Twitter, to monitoring and compiling customer reviews and mentions of your business on Yelp, we provide a robust social media service that we tailor to each client’s campaign strategy.